Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance

You want a yard that is green and healthy, but it is a lot of work. Over the past 25 years, Garlatti Landscaping has the equipment and knowledge to help you keep your lawn looking it’s best. We can customize a maintenance program that fits your needs.

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Grass Cutting

A well manicured lawn is the envy of the neighbourhood. Regular mowing and edging of your lawn keeps it looking its best. We utilize various sizes and types of equipment depending on your lawn size. We also adjust the height of our mowing to accommodate for the rain fall and what your lawn needs to stay healthy.

Lawn Aeration

Do you have kids, grandkids or pets? If you yard is used regularly your soil will become compacted. Rain and gravity also cause soil to become compacted. Compacted soil restricts water/air/nutrient supply from the surface to get to the root system. This causes the grass to weaken and it becomes vulnerable to diseases. The best solution is core-aeration. Aeration, using an aeration machine, is the process of “digging” small holes into your yard.

Lawn aeration should be performed in early spring or fall, so your grass has plenty of time to recover before summer drought or cold winter.

Power Rake (De-Thatch)

Overtime dead grass builds up on your yard, this is called Thatch. A build up of Thatch forms a nearly impenetrable barrier between what your lawn and the vital elements it needs to be healthy. Thatch causes reduced air and water flow from the surface to the roots. Thatch also prevents new, healthy growth from making its way to the surface. Power Raking is the process of removing thatch from your yard. The best timing for power raking is early spring or fall because grass can recover before summer or winter.

Fertilizer Application

Fertilizer application is important to overall grass health and helps grass outcompete weeds. Using the right type of fertilizer is crucial to maximize its effect and to prevent damage.

Top-Dressing and Seeding

Top-Dressing refers to adding a thin layer of soil or compost over the existing lawn. Top-Dressing will improve the condition of lawn by supplying it with various nutrients that synthetic fertilizers do not have. Top Dressing will improve the soil structure, and will reduce the soil compaction.

Over seeding can be done at the same time as top-dressing. Over seeding is exactly as it sound – adding more seed to your existing lawn to make it thicker. Top-Dressing over your new seed will protect your grass seeds from birds and will keep the seeds moist.

Spring Lawn Maintenance

Early in March up to the start of June we recommend lawn maintenance. The middle of March until the end of April are the best time and should include a combination of the above listed services.

  • Aerating
  • Power raking
  • Fertilizing
  • Top-dressing

Late Summer and Fall Lawn Maintenance

Fall lawn care includes more than just mowing and raking leaves. Prepare your lawn for the winter by giving it the nutrients it needs to start back up in the spring. Summer and fall maintenance should be completed before September 15th. This will depend on where you live. Summer and Fall maintenance should include:

  • Fertilizing
  • Aerating as needed
  • Over Seeding

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