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Property Maintenance in Windsor Ont.

You want a yard that is green and healthy, but it is a lot of work. Over the past 25 years, Garlatti Landscaping has the equipment and knowledge to help you keep your lawn looking its best with property maintenance services. We can customize a maintenance program that fits your needs.


The members of our team have obtained certificates in a variety of fields including sustainability, landscape design, landscape construction & installation, landscape lighting, retaining walls and paver stones, landscape architecture, and horticulture. We are confident in our ability to meet and exceed your expectations on any design and completion of project, based on your vision, our collective knowledge, and our years of combined experience.


Landscaping that is well-cared for will attract customers and raise the value of your commercial properties. Our commercial property maintenance service specialists can help you maintain your property’s landscaping looking its best with a tailored care plan.


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Grass Cutting & Lawn Maintenance

A well-manicured lawn is the envy of the neighborhood. Regular mowing and edging of your lawn keep it looking its best. We utilize various sizes and types of equipment depending on your lawn size. We also adjust the height of our mowing to accommodate for the rainfall and what your lawn needs to stay healthy.


In general, property owners place less emphasis on lawn care and grass cutting. Additionally, obtaining mowing services can be tough because to the abundance of accessible options. Lawn care, on the other hand, is an essential and inevitable part of yard upkeep that must be scheduled on a regular basis.


There are many benefits of lawn mowing as well as why it is beneficial to hire property maintenance company professionals who provide both grass cutting services and lawn care packages.

Lawn Care & Aeration

Do you have kids, grandkids, or pets? If your yard is used regularly your soil will become compacted. Rain and gravity also cause soil to become compacted. Compacted soil restricts water/air/nutrient supply from the surface to get to the root system. This causes the grass to weaken and it becomes vulnerable to diseases. The best solution is core-aeration. Aeration, using an aeration machine, is the process of “digging” small holes into your yard.


Lawn aeration should be performed in early spring or fall, so your grass has plenty of time to recover before summer drought or cold winter.


There are numerous advantages to aerating your private properties and industrial properties. It enables the passage of water and nutrients through the compacted soil. This promotes deeper, stronger grass roots and a thicker, healthier lawn. If you want to aid your lawn even more and make your property beautiful, fertilizing your lawn following an aeration might be a very efficient way to accomplish this. Aeration increases the fertilizer’s effectiveness, which is helpful in the fight against weeds and puts your property in a safe condition.

Residential & Commercial Lawn Care Programs

Power Rake (De-Thatch)

Over time dead grass builds up in your yard, this is called Thatch. A build-up of Thatch forms a nearly impenetrable barrier between your lawn and the vital elements it needs to be healthy. Thatch causes reduced air and water flow from the surface to the roots. Thatch also prevents new, healthy growth from making its way to the surface. Power Raking is the process of removing thatch from your yard. The best timing for power raking is early spring or fall because grass can recover before summer or winter.


Another advantage of lawn aeration is the elimination of thatch and the subsequent decomposition of thatch. Over time, thatch builds up in your lawn, preventing water and nutrients from reaching the roots of your grass. Water flow and puddles on your lawn can be minimized by aerating your lawn. It is possible to increase heat and drought tolerance in this way.

Top-Dressing and Seeding

Top-Dressing refers to adding a thin layer of soil or compost over the existing lawn. Top-Dressing will improve the condition of the lawn by supplying it with various nutrients that synthetic fertilizers do not have. Top Dressing will improve the soil structure and will reduce the soil compaction.


Overseeding can be done at the same time as top-dressing. Overseeding is exactly as it sounds – adding more seed to your existing lawn to make it thicker. Top-Dressing over your new seed will protect your grass seeds from birds and will keep the seeds moist. This is one of the most important reason to hire a lawn care & property maintenance service.

Fertilizer Application

Fertilizer application is important to overall grass health and helps grass out-compete weeds. Using the right type of fertilizer is crucial to maximize its effect and prevent damage.


Commercial clients who see lush, green grass are more likely to believe that paying for expert property maintenance service is a good investment. In order to maintain a healthy lawn, fertilizer is an essential part of the overall process. High foot traffic and mowing can put a lot of stress on your grass of private homes and commercial sites, but a well-fed lawn has stronger root systems that can withstand the elements.


When the fertilization procedure is done correctly, it results in a beautiful lawn; however, when fertilizers are administered poorly or at the wrong time, they can increase weed development, burn the grass, or even kill it and ruin the look of your entire property.

Spring Lawn Maintenance

Early in March up to the start of June we recommend lawn maintenance. The middle of March until the end of April is the best time and should include a combination of the above-listed services.

  • Aerating
  • Power raking
  • Fertilizing
  • Top-dressing

You can contact us and have our residential property maintenance team inspect your lawn and determine its current condition.

Late Summer and Fall Lawn Maintenance

Fall lawn care includes more than just mowing and raking leaves. Prepare your lawn for the winter by giving it the nutrients it needs to start back up in the spring. Summer and fall maintenance should be completed before September 15th. This will depend on where you live. Summer and Fall maintenance should include:

  • Fertilizing
  • Aerating as needed
  • Over Seeding


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