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Looking for a Windsor Vinyl Fencing Contractor or fence installation services? Garlatti Landscaping based out of Windsor-Essex, has years of experience building many types of fences, using Vinyl, or PVC materials. If you are in need of a privacy fence, and want to surround your yard with a professional looking vinyl fence, we are Windsor’s trusted fence and deck builders.

Our fence building experience includes materials such as wood, iron, PVS and vinyl fencing. During our consultations, we will discuss the location of your exterior fence or how you will use your outdoor living space to determine the best design and construction method.

We specialize in building all types of fences, gated fences, vinyl fences, pool fences, and take pride in our work. We provide a range of custom-designed fences or standard fence building solutions, that will fit in your outdoor surrounding areas. We build our custom fences to last, the posts are set beneath the frost line and with plenty of concrete. As trusted deck and fence contractor in the local area, you can pick from our pressure treated wood, composite or cedar materials.


Along with creative deck designs and fences Garlatti Landscape can build Pergolas and Gazebos. These are a great way to provide shade over your deck but can also be installed over, hot tubs, & concrete or free-standing over a patio. We sell and install vinyl pergola and gazebo kits.

Decks, fences, and other outdoor furniture items of superior quality enhance the appearance and curb appeal of your home. Many homeowners prefer to use wooden fixtures in their landscaping design in order to improve the overall appearance. They frequently have a reason for dividing the property. Well-built fences make excellent neighbors and may be essential if you have a pool in your backyard.

Each of these alternatives If designed appropriately and maintained properly will add value to your home. A dream deck can be the ideal outdoor living place. It’s a place where family members and friends may unwind within the confines of your house and outside the inner walls.

Of course, these are just a few of the numerous advantages of incorporating one or more of these features into your landscape. We’ll meet with you to discuss your ideas and the ways in which they will benefit you.


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Local Fencing Installation Services

We provide skilled fencing installation services for residential and commercial customers, including chain link and wood fencing. There are several design options available, and we can even create unique double or single-gated entries.


Each of our installations reflects our knowledge, quality, and talent. Along with our high-quality workmanship, we also remove fences.


Wood fencing lends a natural, organic appearance to properties. Due to the fact that it is constructed entirely of natural materials and wood, no two fences are identical. Each wood fence adds a unique flair to your backyard.


Additionally, it is the most suited fencing material since it is malleable in terms of shaping and building to fit, providing an infinite variety of options for privacy fences such as post caps, shaped tops, and the addition of decorative extensions such as lattice or ivy over the fence’s edge.


If you want to unwind and take in the beauty of your garden from the safety of a professionally built deck, you should contact Garlatti Landscapes, Inc. Our years of experience and skill have established us as the go-to business for all of your quality Vinyl Fence Installation needs.


The quality of our workmanship when it comes to constructing your substantial fence or top-quality custom deck is unrivaled. You can rest assured that the installation was completed with care and that premium materials were used that are designed to last year after year.

Quality Design & Materials

The reason for building a new fence is just as critical as selecting the appropriate materials. There are numerous options available for the design of your new fencing project and the materials used in its construction. Our designers understand how to get the look you seek while remaining within your budget.


There are a few advantages you have over your neighbors who do not have fencing. Fencing adds more security and privacy to your home. If you’re looking to keep your pets fenced in, or add a little privacy to your front or backyard, we can help.


Another reason to have Garlatti Landscape construct a fence around your house is for aesthetic reasons. We’ll work with you to create the curb appeal you are looking for, so your neighbors will be envious.


Our Vinyl fencing designs are sophisticated and refined. We’d want to hear from you on your ideas and suggestions. Contact us for a free estimate and we’ll be glad to learn about your fencing vision.

Vinyl Fence Installation

Our Fence Installation Services can be used to create privacy and define transitional zones. Fencing is renowned for its superior craftsmanship and long-lasting durability. Our professional fencing installation and post specialists will ensure that your fence is here to stay for years to come. We provide a variety of types and design features to assist you in selecting the fence that is the right fit for your needs and your home!


We exclusively utilize high-quality wood that will not crack or rip during a storm. Contact us today to begin discussing the design of your fence. We’ll assist you in obtaining the fence you’ve been searching for.


If your pool is not fenced and is currently open, you should call us immediately. Our fence professionals will install a fence around your pool to ensure that no one may access it, or get into harms way. If you’re a fan of your pool and want to protect yourself, install new fencing today.

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We provide high-quality fencing solutions in a variety of materials, including wood, vinyl, and composite. We offer other options such as gates, claps and locks to secure your outdoor entertaining area. We’ll construct something lasting out of the finest materials available and use our greatest craftsmanship. We will work closely with you to ensure that we deliver what you are looking for.


Also, if you are looking for the best deck building company, deck contractors, Garlatti Landscape Inc is the best option for you! We provide both Custom high-quality fences, or a new custom deck project. Our professional local deck builders are available for quality installation work in the Windsor and Essex County area.


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